Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kick-Off Event

Okay, this is the event that will kick everything off. 
It’s something I like to call “Thanksgiving-Themed Humiliation!” 

And it goes like this ...

If I am able to raise $250.00 by November 15th, I will do the following:

I will get my hair and makeup done ....
put on very nice clothes ....
fill two pie pans with large amounts of pie filling and cool whip ...
hand each to Amelia and Adalynn ...
sit at my kitchen table ...
and let the girls “pie” me in the face.
While Nick records it.

I will then post this embarrassing video to my Facebook wall and my blog for all the world to see!
Oh, the humanity!!!

This has been a popular fundraiser amongst some of the adopting families. I couldn't really figure out why at first, but then I realized that everyone loves watching a good pie in the face video! 

If this particular form of humiliation doesn't motivate you to donate to Nana, you could be the biggest donator and choose something else for me to do -- from a list of options, that is. If you have your own idea, I’m willing to hear it, but know that I won’t do anything too inappropriate.  For example, other ideas would be to dye my hair a weird color or wear my underwear on the outside of my clothes and go shopping -- all recorded for your amusement, of course. 

I’ll be planning other fundraising events, but I thought this would be a fun way to kick things off. Hope to post my pie in the face video soon!!

Nana's online donation button is in the right side bar of this blog. 
You can click there to donate via credit card or PayPal! 

If you would like to mail a check, please do so to the following address: 
Reece's Rainbow
PO Box 4024
Gaithersburg, MD 20885
Write "Nana25C-Angel Tree" in the memo line! 
All donations ARE tax deductible.

Also, if you donate at least $35, you will get a beautiful Christmas tree ornament!

On a more serious note, many people have said they do not believe that their donation makes a difference. Please know that ANY donation amount absolutely, positively makes a difference. One dollar or one-hundred dollars: each and every single dollar matters. So, please, even if all you can donate is a few dollars, if you feel led to donate it, do.  Each donation no matter how large or small is tax deductible, so you will receive the tax benefit from your donation.

To put the donation amount thing into perspective...

If 1000 people donated $1.00, the goal would be met.
If 200 people donated $5.00, the goal would be met.
If 100 people donated $10.00, the goal would be met.
If just 50 people donated $20.00, the goal would be met.
If just 40 people donated $25.00, the goal would be met.
If just 29 people donated $35.00, the goal would be met (and each of those people would get her RR ornament!)

You see what I’m getting at? It does not take that much to reach this precious and very important goal for Nana. And each and every single donation -- big or small -- is so important!  

Please consider helping my sweet angel. Time is running out for her!  


  1. Nana is just adorable and your fundraising idea is FUN!

    1. Thank you "Marm"! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I found it on another fundraising blog. And, yes, she is so adorable!